Here are some frequently asked questions answered to clear your doubts on your favorite brand Marks & Spencer. Kindly go through these questions and answers, if you still have any queries in your mind don’t hesitate to post it the comment section.

Q1. What is makeyourmands?

Ans. makeyourmands or tellm&s is the customer feedback and satisfaction survey that is conducted by The Marks and Spencers Group in order to collect feedback and suggestions from their customers and make improvements so that their customers will have a better shopping experience from them in the future and by that they can improve sales.

Take MakeyourMandS.co.uk Survey

Q2. How to participate in makeyourmands?

Ans. If you wish to take part in the makeyourmands survey, you can do so by going to www.makeyourmands.co.uk. and answering the survey questions.

Q3. Are Marks and Spencer reliable?

Ans. Being founded in the year 1887 and having existed as a successful business for over 137 years now, I think the reliability of Marks and Spencers is pretty evident. If they were not reliable, how would they have been successful through all these years? The reliability of Marks and Spencers is pretty apparent from them being a worldwide known brand now.

Q4. How do I contact M&S customer services?

Ans. If you wish to contact the customer service wing of the M and S, you can do so by calling them up at 0333 014 8000.

Q5. Where is the head office of Marks and Spencers?

Ans. The head office of Marks and Spencers is located in London in England in the United Kingdom.

Q6. Who is the head of customer services at Marks and Spencer?

Ans. It is less probable that there will be a single head of customer services at Marks and Spencers because since they are a worldwide brand, their customer service wing will also be accordingly huge since the number of customers they will be dealing with will also be significantly high. So. it is probable that each customer care unit would be headed by one head of customer service. However, Archie Norman and Steve Rowe are the Chairman and Chief Executive of Marks and Spencers respectively.

Q7. How do M&S attract customers?

Ans. There are numerous advertisement methods that marks and Spencers use, however, the popular opinion is that M & S attract their customers with their premium quality clothing, excellent fashion, and designs as well as their marvelous customer service.

Q8. How do I make a complaint to M and S?

Ans. If in case you face any issue while or after shopping from the Marks and Spencers group, you can seek redressal by either writing a mail to them or by calling them up at their customer care number and reporting the issue. Upon calling up customer care, you will be directed to explain the problem you faced to a customer care executive, following which a complaint will be registered and you will be given the complaint number, for easy follow-up and redressal.