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Marks and Spencer Group, abbreviated M&S and informally known as Marks’s or Marks & Sparks, is a prominent British multinational retailer headquartered in London, England, that specializes in selling clothes, home goods, and food items.

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Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer started M&S in Leeds in 1884. M&S presently operates 959 shops in the United Kingdom, including 615 that solely offer food goods, and its television advertising emphasizes the exclusive exclusivity and elegance of its food and beverages.

Contact M&S by Phone?

If you wish to contact the M & S store for some reason via phone, you can do so by calling them up at –

0333 014 8000

020 8718 1919

020 8718 2000

How Do I Email Marks And Spencer?

If you wish to send an email to the M and S store for some reason, you can do so by writing to them at :

  1. [email protected]
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]

How Do I Complain To Marks And Spencer?

If you have a problem when shopping with the Marks &Spencers group, you can seek redress by writing to them or phoning their customer service line and reporting the problem. When you phone customer service, you will be instructed to describe your concern to a customer service professional, after which a complaint will be recorded and you will be given a complaint number for simple follow-up and redressal.

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